Digital Infrastructure

Redefining Digital Experience

The world around us is transforming. The way we do business, transact, and communicate is changing on a day-to-day basis. Businesses need to transform and adopt the digital world. There are far too many companies that are falling behind in this transformation. Digital transformation is no longer an option for a business but a requirement for its survival.

Are you running into challenges with your legacy WAN architecture due to digital transformation initiatives at remote offices? Do you have insight, visibility, and control over applications running in your enterprise? Is your security posture robust at branch/remote locations as your business transitions to cloud and SAAS adoption? Does your branch require more bandwidth and your cost of MPLS circuits are going up? Let us perform a complimentary SD-WAN Readiness Assessment to put your mind at ease.

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At Axelliant, we help you enable your digital experience. Our engineering team has the knowledge and industry experience to provide consulting services to your business in this change. We will help you with:

  • Creating a digital strategy
  • Assessing current state
  • Designing the digital experience
  • Enabling digital architecture


Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Software-Defined WAN

We provide all-inclusive, managed SD-WAN services, combining next-generation firewall security, routing, broadband optimization, and SD-WAN functionality in one easy-to-deploy and manage platform.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

As the number of connected devices in enterprises grows so does the need for the solutions for their connection, storage, and security.

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Enterprise Mobility

The increasing use of mobile technology is fundamentally changing how users interact with each other. Axelliant will provide you with a complete Wi-Fi solution that enables you to improve customer experience and enhance employee productivity.

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Zero Trust Architecture

Applications, data, users, and devices are moving outside of the enterprise’s IT control and hence increasing the security risk to the organization. Zero trust means that there should be no trust distinction between internal and external networks.

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Axelliant's Zero Trust Assessment

Axelliant’s Zero Trust Assessment helps you identify where you are in your journey towards a Zero Trust security model. In this assessment, Axelliant’s experienced security engineers, with years of industry experience, will provide you with expert guidance and kickstart your organizations adoption of Zero Trust. We will also provide you with insights on next-generation security models and best practices, with recommendations and a detailed report on how to transition to a Zero Trust Enterprise. At the end of the assessment we will provide the blueprints for your Zero Trust Architecture.

Axelliant helps you redefine your secure parameters by:

  • Assessing your current state
  • Creating Zero Trust strategy
  • Designing the architecture
  • Building and optimizing Zero Trust Enterprise
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