Security As A Service Bundle (SaaS)

The trend to a more distributed workforce continues to rise, bringing newfound benefits for employers and workers. But people still need to be connected and productive when they are working, and they expect technology to provide them the same user experience wherever they are.

The Axelliant Security as a Service bundle unifies user and device protection at scale, making it easy to collaborate, verify, enable secure access, and defend your workforce at anytime from anywhere.

The reason for it:

  • Flexible subscription-based solution
  • Cloud managed deployment
  • Reduced cost and low admin overhead
  • Single SKU to order eliminating product sprawl
  • Quick configuration and deployment
  • Easy integration and scalability

What’s included in the Bundle:

  • Professionally deployed by Axelliant’s expert engineers
  • Secure calling, video, file sharing, and messaging
  • Advanced email protection with superior threat intelligence
  • Secure applications and enterprise access with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • User protection with DNS-based security from anywhere at anytime
  • Next-Generation Endpoint with advanced machine learning and tighter integration of network and device security
  • Unified security platform with high visibility and security automation